2015-2016 Grizzlies Youth Basketball Full Info – Tryout Schedules and Costs

2015 – 2016 Grizzlies Youth Basketball Tryout Dates

Tuesday                     Sept. 1, 2015              7:00 – 8:30 PM            3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Grades

Tuesday                     Sept. 1, 2015              8:30 – 10:00 PM          7th & 8th Grades

Wednesday                Sept. 2, 2015              7:00 – 8:30 PM            3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Grades

Wednesday                Sept. 2, 2015              8:30 – 10:00 PM          7th & 8th Grades

Thursday                   Sept. 3, 2015              TBD – If Necessary

Tryouts will be held in the Copper Hills High School Gym

All players will need to pre-register for free before tryouts begin.   

To register your child, click on this link


Registration closes at 12:00 am on Sept. 1.   Anyone that has not registered online and wants to register at tryouts will be charged $10.00

Players must register and tryout for their grade level.  Our coaching staff reserves the right to move kids up a grade.


If your son plays football or another fall sport, he must attend the tryout sessions

We will not place players on a team if they do not attend.  We are not planning on a winter tryout session. 

In order for a fall sport athlete to make a Grizzlies Youth Basketball team, they will have to commit to attending at least one practice per week.  We will work with players the best we can for games, but players must attend practice so that they do not get too far behind.

We are hoping to field the following teams:

3rd GradePossibly one team of 8 players

4th GradePossibly one team of 8 players.

5th Grade1 or 2 Teams – 8 players on each team.

6th Grade1 or 2 Teams – 8 players on each team.

7th Grade1 or 2 Teams – 8 players on each team.

8th Grade1 or 2 Teams – 8 players on each team.

Teams will be split into A and B Teams


Our teams will play in two fall leagues, and two winter leagues.  Our season will run from September to March.  They will also practice 1-2 times per week.

In the fall, our teams will play in the Salt Lake County Super League (games throughout the valley) on Wednesday nights and in the Gene Fullmer Super League on Saturdays (games in the West Jordan area).

In the winter, we will play in the Salt Lake County Super League again on Wednesdays and in the Salt Lake Bantam League on Saturdays.  Most of our games will be at Copper Hills High School (occasionally at West Jordan or Bingham).


  • This money will NOT all be due at once.  Please see the calendar below that will show approximately when everything is due. 
  • Uniforms will need to be ordered by parents within a few days after our teams are announced.  Players that make our teams will be sent a web link that allows them to order and pay for their uniforms. 
  • Fall League Fees will be due once teams are formed. 
  • Practice fees can by paid each month ($40.00 per month, total of $240) to CHHS or can be paid all at once to receive a discount ($200 total)
  • Winter League Fees will be due in November.
  • This does not include any additional AAU tournaments during the fall and winter that each team may enter.  AAU Tournaments will be decided on by the Team Coaches after discussion with the team parents.

Uniform Package –                $150.00

All Grizzlies Youth Basketball include a Uniform Package that includes two full uniforms (home and away colors), two pairs of socks and a Shooter Shirt.  These will be ordered online by each player once are teams have been posted.  This package will be required and then each player will have the option to buy additional items like shoes, backpacks, etc. if they choose.  Our team pricing is very good and can save you money on these additional items.

Fall League Fees -                 $110.00 (2 leagues – 12+ games)

Winter League Fees-$160.00 (2 League Fees – 18+ games)

Practice Fees                         $240.00 ($40 per month Sept. 2015 – Feb. 2016)

                                          If paid all at once, practice fees are discounted to $200

Total                                    $660.00 – Average of $110 per month

($620.00 with practice fee discount)

Most competitive AAU programs cost $100 per month before you pay for uniforms, league fees or practice fees.

Monthly Cost Breakdown:

September -      $300.00         Uniform Package, Fall League Fees, Practice Fee

October -           $40.00           Practice Fee

November -       $200.00         Winter League Fees, Practice Fee

December -       $40.00           Practice Fee

January -           $40.00           Practice Fee

February -         $40.00           Practice Fee

Please email me with any questions.

Brian Allfrey